BioChemical Code is a one man project which i have been working with since around 1999. It's kinda hard to place in one single Genre. My concept is to make music that I like, something unusual. A mix between goa music, electronic, ambient, triphop kind of thing. All songs have 1 thing in common though, it's electronic! And the thing is that it comes so naturally. When Iím starting on a new song I usually picture a dream cause that is for me a great inspiration source for my music. When I have the mental picture in front of me I think almost as it where a movie and simply adds the music to the film. This is the best way I can describe.

I always dream, colourful and weird. If I could do movies I would probably do a great number of films so other could see what I experience when Iím asleep. But unfortunately movies are not my thing so I will draw my dreams into music instead.

Code made primarily by Mikael Jacobson